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Hypnotic Radio Hour with Cindy Locher
Change your life by listening
Category: Alternative Health
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by Cindy Locher
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October 29, 2015 01:04 PM PDT

Join Cindy Locher and Jody Kimmell of ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center and the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy as they explore the mind/body connection and anxiety.

October 15, 2015 05:52 AM PDT

Today we explore another healing modality that works with sound. We explore the similarities, differences and synergies between sound healing and hypnosis with Kay Grace.

Kay Grace, Author of the forthcoming book  Sound Healing Mastery enjoys teaching the art and science of Sound Healing at Normandale College, as well as in her popular retreats & intensives. She has an established private practice offering Sound Healing Therapy and Energy Work since 2001, and has helped thousands of clients access the power of sound to relieve stress, reduce pain, and create deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. She loves wilderness travel and is a published singer/songwriter.

Learn more about Kay at www.EnergyExpress.com

As always, more on hypnosis at http://www.hypnosisminneapolis.com and http://www.midwesthypnotherapyacademy.com

October 05, 2015 10:53 AM PDT

We do get emails and questions about hypnosis and people's hypnotic experiences here at the Hypnotic Radio Hour. And in this episode, Jody and Cindy sit down and answer some of the more interesting questions that have come our way recently. Why might one person be hypnotized and have a good result and not another? And much more!

Listen in and as always, more on hypnosis and hypnotherapy at http://www.MidwestHypnotherapyAcademy.com

September 30, 2015 08:34 AM PDT

Why is it sometimes we don't get the results we feel certain we should?

Sometimes doesn't it feel like there's some unwritten operating system our minds run by, and wouldn't it be nice to be let in on the secret?

Well, there are Rules of the Mind, operating rules that your subconscious mind ALWAYS follows. And whether you're aware of them or not, they are in operation. When you try SOOO hard to get the result you want and your mind seems to sabotage you or goes off in a different direction, the Rules of the Mind are usually why. Understanding these rules helps you to change your approach so that, by working WITH the operating system of your mind, you communicate more accurately to YOURSELF, and therefore get what you really want!

More info, as always, http://www.MinnesotaHypnosis.com and http://www.MidwestHypnotherapyAcademy.com

September 16, 2015 07:02 AM PDT

This episode is exciting for us at the Hypnotic Radio Hour!

Our guest, Dr. Robert Sapien, is responsible for the current NIH research involving hypnotherapy, which is getting a lot of attention. This is the most thorough and exciting hypnotherapy research, with controlled methodology, and represents the growing movement of acceptance of hypnotherapy as a mainstream modality for health care and personal change.

Robert E. Sapién, MD, MMM, FAAP is a Distinguished Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, is Chief, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Associate Dean for Admission at the School of Medicine. Dr. Sapién, a native of NM, received his bachelors of science and medical degrees from the University of New Mexico and a Master's in Medical Management at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

He has also been a practicing clinical hypnotherapist for the past 8 years, receiving training at the Hypnotherapy of Academy in Santa Fe, NM and mentorship from Timothy Simmerman. Dr. Sapien also incorporates hypnotherapy into his medical practice, and is currently helping conduct an National Institutes of Health Randomized Control Clinical Trial on women with overactive bladder to compare the efficacy of hypnotherapy with medications.

September 11, 2015 12:11 PM PDT

This episode we have Shelley Stockwell Nicholas as our guest. Shelley is President of the International Hypnosis Federation. Dr Shelley is an award winning instructor and best-selling author of 14 self-help books, 35 CDs and DVD courses. Her goal is to give you the best hands on instructors training personally tailored to your needs and style. She was the host of the nationally syndicated television show “Backtrack” (“Regressiones” in Spanish) and makes guest appearances on hundreds of radio and television shows including Phil Donahue, Channel 9 News, Channel 11 News, Mike & Maty, The Other Side, Strange Universe, Van Praague’s Beyond, The Oxygen Network, and David Letterman. Dr. Shelley is regularly featured in periodicals like Entrepreneur Magazine, Redbook, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Women First, Women’s Day, and of course, The National Enquirer.

Shelley's warm and intelligent energy shines through on this show, and she gives you real, useful information and tools to help manage your energy and emotions!

Learn more about Shelley at http://www.hypnosisfederation.com.

September 02, 2015 05:25 AM PDT

Our guest for this episode is Katherine Zimmerman of TranceTime.com. Katherine has been a practicing hypnotist and instructor for over two decades and brings tremendous insight, and a calming energy, to our show!

Listen in on our discussion and learn:
--How Katherine got into hypnosis
--How hypnosis changed her life
--Learn about hypnosis for test taking anxiety and public speaking
--An exciting discussion about hypnosis to raise your vibration and future life progression techniques.

More info on Katherine is available at www.TranceTime.com.

Find Cindy's latest work at www.HypnosisFirst.com and Cindy & Jody at www.MiinnesotaHypnosis.com & www.MidwestHypnotherapyAcademy.com

August 27, 2015 07:38 AM PDT

How do we end up stressed out? What does it mean to be stressed out, or worse, burned out? Find out how stress affects your body and mind, what you can do on a daily basis to avoid negative effects of stress and....enjoy a FULL HYPNOSIS SESSION with Cindy in the second half of the show.

Learn more, find more episodes at http://www.HypnosisFirst.com

July 29, 2015 02:33 PM PDT

H.O.P.E. Coaching, Hypnotic Women and Laughter for the Health of It are the topics of our lively, informative and delightful conversation with Kelley T. Woods. Kelley T. Woods has been helping people with hypnosis since 2002 at her private practice in NW Washington State. She is a moderator on HypnoThoughts.com and is the founder of Hypnotic Women - a private online group of nearly 800 professional female hypnosis practitioners. Kelley has co-authored several books, including Hope is Realistic - A Physician's Guide for Reducing Suffering of Patients, Secrets of the River - Riding the Creative Wave in Pediatric Hypnosis and Family Therapy, HOPE Coaching Guide for Practitioners and Laughter for the Health of It.

You can learn more about Kelley at http://www.woodshypnosis.com and as always, find more about what Jody & Cindy are up to at http://www.MHASchool.com, http://www.MinnesotaHypnosis.com and http://www.HypnosisFirst.com.


July 22, 2015 04:53 PM PDT

In September 2001, most of us remember where we were and what we were doing on that tragic day. Our guest in this episode, Larry Garrett, was in Iraq, where he had been retained to hypnotize Uday Hussein for an unrelenting and medically unexplained limp.

Larry's book about that chapter in his life, Healing the Enemy, has now been re-edited as "Hypnotizing the Devil" and is being prepared for a motion picture.

Larry is also a deeply compassionate and experienced hypnotist who began practicing in 1970, and he shares with Cindy and Jody his perspectives on hypnosis past, present and future (along with some fascinating information about his experiences in Baghdad).

Learn more about Cindy & Jody at www.MinnesotaHypnosis.com and www.HypnosisFirst.com and visit Larry Garrett at www.GarrettWellnessCenter.com.

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